Congratulating our Valued Counselors
Dear Moneylifers,
Greetings! Let me start by sharing some exciting news from this month. Consumer activist Abhay Datar, who is a Member of the Managing Committee of Mumbai Grahak Panchayat (MGP) and one of our Daily Clinic guidance counselors, was awarded the M. R. Pai award for his contribution in the field of consumer movement by Padma Vibhushan Dr. Anil Kakodkar.
Our regular members would know that Mr Datar along with Mr AV Shenoy holds free guidance sessions every Thursday at our Knowledge Centre. Together with their vast industry experience, they provide help with consumer issues' complaints, insurance and mediclaim, conciliation under RERA and fraudulent banking transactions. Do take advantage of this free guidance, if you have any queries, issues or concerns on any of the aforementioned subjects.
Let me also mention one of our other counselors whose dedication in helping others is an inspiration to us all. Mr Shirish Shanbhag, works tirelessly online and offline to provide extremely detailed guidance on all property related matters like redevelopment, deemed conveyance, parking, maintenance etc. He conducts free guidance sessions every Tuesday and in fact, his sessions have become so popular that we have had to extend the timings from 3-7pm. Even if it goes beyond 7pm (and it often does), Mr Shanbhag has no qualms over staying late answering queries. Furthermore, not only does he spend 4-5 hours every Tuesday at Moneylife, he also answers queries that we receive through our Legal Resource Centre (LRC) and lately even those that come through Free Press Journal (FPJ). His untiring demeanour when it comes to helping people with property related issues is truly remarkable.  
Every once in a while, someone who has benefitted from his work walks in to say thank you with a box of sweets (in one case an advocate) or a donation cheque.
If you have any property related matters that you are having difficulty with, I would urge you to take an appointment for Mr Shanbhag's session. Be advised that his sessions are well booked in advance and you need to call ahead for an appointment.
Apart from these two guidance sessions, we also have free sessions for RTI related matters, conducted by Shailesh Gandhi and a banking/credit related session conducted by DG Kale, retired CGM, Customer Services, RBI. You may have read in the newspapers about the path-breaking Supreme Court order asking the Reserve Bank of India to disclose RBI inspection reports. That order was a culmination of something that Mr Shailesh Gandhi set into motion when he was the Central Information Commissioner (CIC) and it makes us very proud.
If you have queries that you would like to discuss with any of our counselors please do call (022) 4920 5000 to take an appointment.
We conduct these guidance sessions free of cost and can only do so because of your donations. If you have benefited from such guidance from one of our counselors and would like to support our effort, we would request you to do so by making a small donation.
Planned Programmes:
11th May, 2019: "How to Maximise Rewards on Smartphone Apps" - DG Kale
Reward programs are certainly not new, but technology has been reinventing them. Cashback and reward apps have in essence replaced rewards cards. But are there pitfalls to such apps? A not to miss opportunity to learn from retired CGM at RBI, DG Kale. Register Here
Time & Location: 4-6pm at Moneylife Foundation's Knowledge Centre

Programmes this month:
3rd April, 2019: "Learn Basics of the RTI Act & How to File Effective RTI Applications" - Shailesh Gandhi
Former CIC Shailesh Gandhi conducted a RTI workshop in Moneylife Foundation's Knowledge Centre for a packed audience, explaining the basics of the RTI Act and also how to file RTI applications.
Watch the video on our YouTube Channel here
12th April, 2019: "RTI for Investigative Journalism" - Vishwas Waghmode
All journalists should understand the importance of RTI when doing an investigative story. Vishwas Waghmode from the Indian Express, who has made effective use of RTI in doing investigative stories was invited to share his experience. Vishwas Waghmode, principal correspondent at Indian Express has time and again used the RTI Act to his advantage to uncover and acquire information. He has written several investigative stories for Indian Express. Using RTI in this manner is a vital skill for all journalists, activists and even common citizens.
Read here
Watch the video on our YouTube Channel here.
RTI activist Sulaiman Bhimani's guidance on using RTI for RERA, SRA, MMRDA or any other property related matters SRA always has a packed audience, even with just a day's notice. This time was no different.
As always, if you are not a Mumbaikar, you can catch our events on Facebook live or watch them on our YouTube Channel.

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Thank you for your support and look forward to your good wishes always.
Best regards,
Sucheta Dalal
Founder-Trustee, Moneylife Foundation
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