Our Effort Leads To Action: Retirement Home Guidelines Released By The Govt!
Dear Moneylifers,
Greetings! Let me start by telling you how our effort at getting the government to regulate Retirement Homes has finally paid off. After 3 years of pushing for regulations on Retirement Homes, finally on March 6th, Shri Hardeep Singh Puri, the Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs, released a set of guidelines for regulation of retirement homes in India.
The Ministry has used our Retirement Homes Study as the basis for their research to form these guidelines. Although these guidelines do not fully cover all the necessary aspects of Retirement Homes, it is a most welcome step in the right direction. The Ministry intends to have these guidelines as a framework for individual States and Union Territories, to be used for implementing and enforcing regulations. We intend to take this up further with the State government to have a more detailed set of issues addressed.
Moneylife Foundation has also crossed another important milestone with regards to our registered members. We have recently crossed 1 lakh members and are continuing to grow at a rapid pace. But India has a large population, unless our numbers are truly significant, policy makers do not pay attention to the issues and problems of middle-class, tax-paying Indians. So spread the word and ask people to become members. It is a simple click of a button and it is free!  
Programmes This Month:
We had a couple of interesting programmes this month. Mumbai has been afflicted by far too many accidental fires in these past few years and we felt that understanding how to handle a fire situation is vital for all citizens. The Deputy Controller of Civil Defence, Shivajirao Bagat and Adv. Bapoo Malcolm shared important information that could save lives in an emergency.
We also joined hands with the International Legal Alliance, which is led by Advocate Jamshed Mistry to hold the first of many sessions on important legal issues. The first talk on the law relating to contempt and defamation was by Sr. Counsel Mihir Desai. We had a packed hall comprising journalists, activists, concerned citizens and Moneylife members to hear Mr Desai, one of Mumbai's most respected lawyers, for his comprehensive and enlightening take on the subject. This was followed by an extremely active and insightful discussion where many activists cited their own experiences with defamation and contempt. Debashis Basu, Founder Trustee of Moneylife Foundation made a quick presentation on five famous cases that have led to path-breaking judgements in this area. Adv. Jamshed Mistry, the main discussant, brought in his vast experience of advocating social causes and of being an amicus curiae several times, to make the discussion meaningful from the perspective of activists taking up public causes.
We also continued our crusade to get people involved with the Right to Information movement, led by Shailesh Gandhi. We are always open to conducting such RTI sessions at your organisation at no cost to you. All we would require is access to your meeting hall or an auditorium for a seating for more than 100 people with your suggestions or requests.
We have received several requests from members to have a session on Self-Redevelopment of Housing Societies. We would like to understand the level of interest in this issue before going ahead, so that we are able to make proper arrangements. If you want such a talk, please call (022-49205000 or email us [email protected])
As always, if you are not a Mumbaikar, you can catch our events on Facebook live or watch them on our YouTube Channel.
You will find a list of activities and programmes conducted in March below.

Past Programmes
1st March, 2019: "Harness the Power of Social Media to Deliver Your Message Effectively" - Keya Madhvani Singh
Keya Madhvani Singh, Head, Entertainment Partnerships at Twitter India delivered an insightful talk at Saraswat Bank's auditorium on using social media and especially Twitter effectively. The session was well attended by activists, banker, concerned citizens and Moneylife Foundation members.
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Watch the video on our YouTube Channel here
15th March, 2019: "Do's & Don'ts of Fire Safety" - Adv Bapoo Malcolm & Shivajirao Bagat
In a special seminar, we had two eminent speakers - Adv Bapoo Malcom and from Civil Defence Shivajirao Bagat, deliver a detailed talk on fire safety and the preventive measures one should take to stay safe from fires.
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Watch the video on our YouTube Channel here.
22nd March, 2019: RTI Workshops for B.Com and B.MS students at SIES College, Nerul
With the assistance of former CIC Shailesh Gandhi, we conducted two back to back workshops for students of SIES College on understanding the RTI Act and filing effective applications to promote transparency with the government.
30th March, 2019: "Contempt & Defamation: Two Legal Issues Every Journalist, Activist & Concerned Citizen Must Understand" - Sr. Counsel Mihir Desai
In collaboration with Adv Jamshed Mistry's International Legal Alliance, we had organised a session with Sr. Counsel Mihir Desai on two important legal issues of Contempt and Defamation. The session was well attended by advocates, activists, journalists and concerned citizens alike.
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Watch the video on our YouTube Channel here.

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Best regards,
Sucheta Dalal
Founder-Trustee, Moneylife Foundation
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