We need help in engaging with policy makers to press for changes in rules, regulations and guidelines to make them more people-friendly. Specifically, we need experts who have substantial experience in banking products, health insurance, life insurance, healthcare, consumer, civil and real estate laws. We need help with one-on-one counselling for our members and also to make representations to policy makers. To get a better idea of what we do, do take a look at our various representations and our Credit Helpline & Legal Helpline.

In the past we have undertaken research projects on Retirement Homes and Reverse Mortgage in India. For such detailed projects we require somebody who can put the research together and anchor the process of collating inputs from a variety of sources.

We do not have a presence in Delhi and this is a serious drawback for us. If you are based in the NCR region we would certainly appreciate your support in connecting Moneylife Foundation with a list of Ministries that are associated with our work, such as the Ministry of Finance (banking division), Ministry of Corporate Affairs (Investor Education and Protection Fund), Ministry of Consumer Affairs and Ministry of Social Welfare.

If you would like to give back to the society, the vast experience that you have gained during your active working life would help us.

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